Want to make a difference in a child’s life? Want to get back in the game? Become a Youth Sport Volunteer Coach in the upcoming Baseball, Softball, Soccer, Football, Flag Football or Cheerleading program. As a Youth Sport Volunteer Coach, you will receive training and certification in the sport you choose to coach. If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Coach, please contact Kenny Sims, ksims@buttscounty.org or 770-775-8228.



Volunteer Recognition

The Department takes great pride in recognizing its volunteers.  Each year at the Annual Meeting/Hall of Fame Banquet volunteers are recognized for different achievements.  Achievements include a 10 year service award for volunteers that have dedicated 10 years of service, A Bob Ryan Award for an individual or individuals that have went above and beyond their duties as a volunteer, A sport specific coach of the year for coaches that have been nominated by parents, A overall coach of the year for a coach that has been nominated by parents and the induction into the Parks & Recreation Hall of Fame.

Volunteers that have dedicated 10 years of service:
Wesley Baker, Nathaniel Barlow, Ernest Biles, Keith Biles, Bob Breedlove, Aubrey Burford, Cindy Cook, Don Cook, Minnie Crawford, Wayne Dooley, Jesse Duffey, Larry Duffey, Toney Duke, Billy Glidewell, Tommy Glidewell, Roderick Goodrum, Bill Grant, Dean Griffin, Chris Head, Robert Henderson, Chuck Holland, Kelvin Johnson, Ricky Johnson, Jr., Joe Kersey, Tim Kersey, Tina Loftin, Jeff Loftin, David Lunsford, Kevin Madonna, Leroy Mayfield, Ann Medich, Bobby Moore, Terrie Morgan, John Morgan, Luther Morgan, Tara Norsworthy, Mary Lynn Overbey, Danny Patterson, Joe Patterson, Tim Patterson, Harry Reeves, Kenneth Sims,  Linda Sims, Shontae Sims, Charles Smith, Henry Smith, Tommy Stewart, Bobby Sullivan, Allen Terrell, Arthur White, Keith Thompson, Vincent Usher, Charles Walden, Charles Washington, Bernard Watts, Tami Whitaker, Homer Williams, and Charles Young.

Bob Ryan Award Recipients:

2016 recipient:
Danny Patterson
2015 recipient: Jesse Duffey
2014 recipient:
Darrin Mills
2012 recipient
: Jason Edwards
2011 recipients:  Teresa Carroll, Divita Digby, Kelly Drake, Nicole Elmore, Sally Jones, Stormie Keldie.
2010 recipients: Jim Jones, Lanae Martin, Donna Moody
2009 recipient: Lee Youngblood
2008 recipients: Mike Overbey, Gary Price

Sport Specific Coach of the Year Award Recipients:

2016 recipients: Basketball – Torrie Howell, Shameka Howell, Baseball – Jeff Clark, Softball – Josh Biles, Football – Alexius Mayfield, Torrie Pinkins, Chris Head, Soccer – Cary Blanton, Cheerleading – Anjalek Stewart
2015 recipients:
Basketball – Keith Joseph, Baseball – Jonathan Green, Softball – Viola Coley & Tommy Watson, Football – Alvin Benjamin, Soccer – Clyde Newman, Cheerleading – Amelia Davies
2014 recipients:
Basketball – Deegee Roberts, Baseball – Jason Hicks, Softball – Clint Britton, Soccer – Ulysses Reyes, Football – Kevin Miller, Jeff Roberts, LaCharles Roberts, Cheerleading – Arkeriya Woods
2013 recipients:
 Basketball – Carey Williams, Baseball – Felix Hixon, Football – Chuck Pearson, Softball – Mike Overbey, Soccer – Chassie Chrisley, Cheerleading – Amelia Davies
2012 recipients: Basketball – Amanda Stokes, Baseball – Brandon Custer, Football – Bobby Moore, Softball – Tracy Hartness, Soccer – Chris Thurston, Jerry Delagarza, Cheerleading – Chiquita Taylor
2011 recipients: Baseball – Jeff Lewis, Football – Tommy Copeland, Softball – Gary Price, Soccer – Chris Thurston
2010 recipients: Baseball – Jimmy Johnson, Basketball – Eddie Berry, Football – Henry Smith, Softball – Josh Gentle, Soccer – Nichole Carter

Overall Coach of the Year Award Recipients:

2013 recipient: 
Derron Lunsford
2012 recipient: Kelly Drake
2011 recipient: Joel McCullough
2010 recipient: Allen Bell
2009 recipient: Roderick Goodrum


2016 recipients:
Henry Smith, Toney Duke
2015 recipients: Jim Herbert, Ricky Johnson, Jr., World Famous, Ricky’s Welding Shop
2014 recipients: Tim Kersey, John Morgan, Mike Peters, Susan Ryan
2013 recipients: Wally Cawthon, Danny Patterson, WJGA 92.1 FM
2012 recipients: Charlie Brown, Harry Clark, Harry Cook, Gerald Kersey
2011 recipients: Don Cook, Frank Hansen, May & Carter Oil Company, McIntosh State Bank, McLaurin Graphics, Webbs
2010 recipients: Corene Clark, Stanley Maddox, Doc Michael
2009 recipients: Tim Boyd, W.A. Cook, Danny Hoard
2008 recipients: Tina Loftin, John Thomas Watkins
2007 recipients: Terrie Morgan, Charles Washington, Jackson Drug Company
2006 recipients: James Biles, Mac Davis, Bob Ryan
2005 recipients: Freddie Dodson, Denny O’Neal, David Polk
2004 recipients: Tommy Carmichael, Bailey Crockarell, Arthur White
2003 recipients: Joe Brown, Sr., Marlin Fletcher
2002 recipients: Danny Blue, Farris “Choppy” King, Homer Williams
2001 recipients: Ernest Biles, Pat Biles, Jesse Duffey, City Pharmacy, Bennie Fletcher, Tony Grant, Billy Turner
2000 recipients: Ernest Battle, Lee Collins, Jr., Hampton Daughtry, Buster Duke, Sam Johnson, Charles McElhaney, Florigene Moore, Eugene Prosser, Thelma Prosser, Doris Ridgeway, Harry Ridgeway, James Wallace, Pliney Weaver

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Henry Smith – 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee

Toney Duke – 2016 Hall of Fame Inductee

Danny Patterson – 2016 Bob Ryan Award Recipient with Bob Ryan, himself.

Jeff Clark – 2016 Baseball Coach of the Year

Josh Biles – 2016 Softball Coach of the Year

Anjalek Stewart – 2016 Cheerleading Coach of the Year

Alexius Mayfield – 2016 Football Coach of the Year

Cary Blanton – 2016 Soccer Coach of the Year

Congratulations to all of our 2016 award recipients!

Jesse Duffey – 2015 Bob Ryan Award Recipient

Clyde Newman – 2015 Soccer Coach of the Year Recipient

Jimmy Maddox – 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee

Wayne Dooley – 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee

Viola Coley & Tommy Watson – 2015 Softball Coaches of the Year

Alvin Benjamin – 2015 Football Coach of the Year Recipient