Flag Football registration runs through August 14th, 2017 

Athletic Program Coordinator: Kenny Sims,, 770-775-8228



5-6-7 Year Old Flag-Football League

Program Objectives:

  1. Introduce the children to the game of football.
  2. Teach the proper techniques, fundamental rules, and strategies of the game.
  3. Teach skills, teamwork, and sportsmanlike conduct.
  4. Have fun and enjoy playing flag football.

7-11 Year Olds

 Goals & Objectives of Program:

  1. Provide opportunity for youth to participate in an organized football program.
  2. Teach the basic skills and an understanding of the rules & strategies of football.
  3. Develop skills & teach teamwork & sportsmanship to all players.
  4. Allow the youth to have fun & enjoy playing the game of football.

Football Age Groups

5-7 yr. old Flag Football 
Leagues available for 7-11  year olds Tackle Football

Coaches are needed!  If interested, please download the application form:

Coaches Application